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The Major Events and Breakthroughs of the Nineteen Seventies

The Major Events and Breakthroughs of the Nineteen Seventies Free Online Research Papers The nineteen seventies was a decade that experienced economic crisis, political struggle, feminism, and a rise of subcultures such as the hippies. These events reflected the rising power of baby boomers, which are babies who were born during the post WWII years, who have become adults and made up the majority of the population. Because of this, the decade became a reflection of baby boomers’ power that set the latest trends and influenced every aspect of the society. During the nineteen seventies, there were many events that took place. One major event that took place in 1973 was the oil crisis. It was caused by Arab members of OPEC (organization of the petroleum exporting countries) who announced that they would no longer ship petroleum to the United States and its allies in West Europe and that the price of oil would increase drastically. Because the U.S was now dependent on oil and the prices quadrupled the need for rations, our country went into a recession and suffered massive inflation. (People History par.1) This was a very stressful time for our country because the cost of living had highly increased in such a short amount of time. It was also a reason for prices increasing as much as they have in the present day. Not only did the oil crisis occur, but 1973 was also the year the United States withdrew from the Vietnam War. This was an important time for our country because it had been almost ten years that we had troops in Vietnam and ev eryone was eager to finally have peace again. Another significant factor of the nineteen seventies was the growth of feminism. Women gained the right to choose when, where, and if they wanted to have children. They gained this right through the famous case of Roe versus Wade, which centered around legalizing abortion (Drucker 77). Women also expanded their involvement in politics and even surpassed men in college enrollment in 1979 (American par.1). Because of this, not only did women become more independent, but this change in society led to higher divorce rates, causing some to go into poverty. So, it is easy to see that feminism in the nineteen seventies had both positive and negative effects on people’s lives. Included in the category of events are also scandals. Many people might remember, or know about, the Watergate scandal involving President Nixon. He and some of his supporters were part of a campaign that tried to tarnish the reputation of the Democratic Party, which included breaking in to the Watergate Hotel and tampering with official files. Of course, he tried to cover it up when it was discovered, but tapes were found of some of his â€Å"private† conversations with people involved and were ordered to be released. In mid-1974, he ended up resigning before he was impeached. (Watergate par.9-14) This is a good example of corruption in politics and how people will sometimes do anything to keep their power. I think that this event had a lasting effect on all the presidents after him and raised the standards for loyalty and honesty to the people. Finally, in the nineteen seventies was the beginning of a digital revolution. Companies now found ways to use technology which caused a drastic growth in smaller, powerful, and cheaper products such as calculators and televisions (People History par.2). Because of integrated circuits invented in the nineteen sixties and the invention of the home computer, companies were able to also invent products such as the first video game system, the Atari. Air travel also began booming due to the use of jumbo jets. (People History par.3) This became very useful because it helped to transport people overseas much faster and in larger quantities. Other inventions in the seventies include the following: floppy disks, barcodes, E-mail, genetic engineering, ink jet and laser printers, microprocessors, and MRI scanners. These inventions have been very useful to us in the twenty first century. Some are not used as much anymore, such as the floppy disk and the Atari, but they have served as the founda tion of newer, modern technology. Through many examples shown, I believe that I have proved that the nineteen seventies was a decade that was full of many significant and long lasting major events. It was also a time when many scientific, medical, and technological breakthroughs occurred. From oil crisis to wars to scandals to feminism, the seventies have proved to be an important part of history for our country, and with the baby boomers leading us through this time, the United States has prospered and grown ever since then. American Cultural History 1970-1979. 1999. Kingwood College Library. 25 February 2009. Drucker, Dan. â€Å"Abortion Rights for Women: Roe v. Wade.† The 1970s. ed. Mark Ray Schmidt. San Diego: Greenhaven Press, Inc., 2000. Milan Bobek ed.Decades of the 20th Century:1970s. 9 vols. Prescott: Eldorado Inc. 2005. The People History: 1970s. 2008. The People History. 25 February 2009. The Watergate Files. 1998. Gerald R. Ford Library and Museum. 24 February 2009. Research Papers on The Major Events and Breakthroughs of the Nineteen SeventiesPersonal Experience with Teen PregnancyQuebec and CanadaThe Effects of Illegal ImmigrationTwilight of the UAWHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows EssayAppeasement Policy Towards the Outbreak of World War 2PETSTEL analysis of India19 Century Society: A Deeply Divided EraAssess the importance of Nationalism 1815-1850 EuropeRelationship between Media Coverage and Social and

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Critical Analysis of the Article from both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE Essay - 1

Critical Analysis of the Article from both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE aspects - Essay Example king a cross sectional data thus making it a very comprehensive study to understand service quality from different perspectives and according to different behaviors. This paper has undertaken a very comprehensive approach while dealing the issue of service marketing and how service quality contribute towards achieving organizational objectives. The overall issue is to address some of the conceptual issues and frameworks which earlier research has failed to undertake thus were left behind. Authors have focused on overcoming the shortcomings of the earlier research undertaken and the tried to fill the gaps left by the earlier researchers in understanding service quality and its association with different components. The antecedents Model of service quality is developed in a response to the overall focus of the earlier research to consider different variables like reliability and comfort as the components of the service quality but the authors have described them as the antecedents of the service quality thus differing from most of the earlier studies. The reason for undertaking a longitudinal study has been to develop a sort of model which succeeds in measuring the expectations before the service whereas to measure so called disconfirmation after the service. This therefore offers a relatively greater flexibility and breadth to undertake the study in relatively larger context wit focus on the development of an approach which provides answers to some of the critical questions related with the subject. The longitudinal as well as cross sectional nature of the study therefore offered writers a chance to study various frameworks and to develop a framework which can encompass different consequencs, mediators as well as the antecedents of the service quality. What is however, lacking in this article is the approach undertaken and very nature of the study. Over the period of time, services and their basic perception held by the customers have changed thus giving rise to

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COMMUNITY PROFILE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

COMMUNITY PROFILE - Essay Example This paper delves into one specific region that has been put on the spot for the threat the people are facing, especially when it comes to the aspect of physical inactivity. It also strives to bring out some of the factors that influence different characteristics of members of this population, and how their health status might be affected due to some of the mentioned factors. Factors that influence their health will also be mentioned, giving rise to the morbidity factors, and the risks to which most of them are exposed. The aim of this paper is to examine some of the behavioral traits that exist in this population, and why the proportion of adults in the region participating in physical activity is low. In so doing, it may be possible to identify factors that may improve these numbers. The population that is under study is London Borough of Hillingdon, where it is believed that the average proportion of individuals who participate in physical activity is less than the average of England. This region is of interest because it is said to be among the greenest cities in the world. This is amazing considering the statistics that show of the inactivity levels displayed in relation to the individuals in this society (DH 2012). One might be forced to think that living in such an environment would make people choose a healthier lifestyle, but studies indicate otherwise. Adults and children are not spending an average of 3 hours a week on physical activity, which should be a cause for alarm. Children alone, on average, should have at least 60 minutes per day of physical activities that help prevent some of the health problems that may arise (Long et al. 2009). Current statistics indicate that at least one in six deaths occurs as a result of physical inactivity, and this ma kes this issue as immense as smoking. It is also interesting to note that this

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Monopoly Term Paper Essay Example for Free

Monopoly Term Paper Essay Monopoly is a market structure containing a single firm that produces a unique good with no close substitutes. It controls supply of a good or service. It is where the entry of new producers is prevented or highly restricted. According to the Business Dictionary, monopolist firms keep the price high and restrict the output, and show little or no responsiveness to the needs of their customers. Most governments try to control monopolies by imposing price controls, taking over their ownership (nationalization), or breaking them up into two or more competing firms. Monopolies exist in varying degrees (degrees (due to copyrights, patents, access to materials, exclusive technologies, or unfair trade practices) almost no firm has a complete monopoly in the era of globalization. So we can see the problem of monopoly is that it can set a higher price than marginal cost. The fact that a monopoly does not face the discipline of competition means that the monopoly may operate inefficiently without being corrected by the marketplace. An example for monopoly might be Comcast. If Comcast were the only cable television provider in your area. If you want cable, you have no choice but to go to Comcast. And because of this, they can charge any price they want. Other local electric power company, campus bookstore or local telephone service might be local monopolies as well. George J. Stigler, director of the Center for the Study of The Economy and the state, professor of economics at the University of Chicago states that a monopoly is free to set any price it chooses and will usually set the price that yields the largest possible profit. There are three problems that often associated with a market controlled totally by a single firm such as inefficiency, inequity and political abuse (AmosWEB Encyclonomic). Inefficiency is the most noted problem in monopoly. A monopoly charges a higher price and produces less output than perfect competition. Also, the price charged by the monopoly is always greater than the marginal cost of production. Income inequality is another problem of monopoly. Monopoly earns economic profit, consumer surplus is transferred from buyers to the monopoly. So buyers end up with less income, and the monopoly ends up with more. Monopoly is able to maintain single-seller status and market control, income continues to be transferred from buyers to the monopoly and to the monopoly resource owners.

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Ethical Issues of Human Test Subjects Essay -- Radioactive Technology

Ethical Issues of Human Test Subjects As we achieve burgeons of new technologies, we must also face the irreprehensible sacrifices. The old scientific adage reminds us that no trial can go without error. Many of the present day technologies may prove beneficial but the processes of development and discovery often come at high prices. Countless experiments have been conducted in the names of science and the advancement of mankind. Regardless of their outcomes, these experiments require some form of a test subject. Any life sustaining test subject has been the root of many ethical issues, with human test subjects being one of the most controversial. Granted the advantageous products of labor, the definition for what we, as moral humans, are willing to sacrifice still lays a little rough. One of many ethical dilemmas arises when we question as where to draw the line for human test subjects. Test subjects are not always guaranteed the safety of their outcomes and this generates a lot of debate to what extent we are prepared to tolerate for the sake of advancing technology. The past century has unveiled many new revels in science and technology. Nuclear technology is one of the more recent brinks of discovery. Over the past 60 years or so, scientists have been on a gold rush for the nuclear power. New elements were being discovered and the potentials of their peculiar characteristics drew in more and more people. Highly radioactive substances were being tested for their potencies at the subatomic level. The gain in this scurry for answers was partially politically charged, if not totally for educational purposes. The United States was amid the throng of countries entering the World War II. If one of the most ... ...ficiencies. This does not necessarily mean that the human resource can be misused. By maintaining a code of ethics in human experimentation, we can all advance forward. People should be willing to accept the risks involved in human experimentation, including death. Certain demographics or distinctions in people should not set them apart from a testing pool. With nuclear power and radioactivity as still relatively new ideas, the course of discovery has yet to be traveled. It is only up to us to be vigilant and consciously aware of our actions. References: 1. 2. 3. 4.

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Hawthorne Effect and Human Relation Movement

Describe how the components of the Hawthorne study are incorporated in current human resource functions? What was the main idea behind this study? How have you been impacted by the components of this study in your current or past work setting? According to Baack (2012), the human relation movement in management began in 1920s and was based on the human element of organizations. The Hawthorne study became one of the branches of the human relation movement (Baack, 2012) As stated by Cubbon (1969), the Hawthorne studies were carried out from the Hawthorne Works, a factory in Chicago.The idea of those studies was experimenting with psychological factors influencing the employees, while the goal was to increase the productivity levels (Cubbon, 1968). With time, the term became widely known, and many organizations conducted the similar studies. Elton Mayo and Fritz Roethlisberger have conducted the Hawthorne studies focusing their research on the employees and the aspects that influenced t he workers productivity (Baack, 2012).According to their findings, the productivity rates increased due to positive interactions between workers and researches, entry-level employees were actively fulfilling the duties of the supervisors without worrying about being disciplined for poor performance, and people started working closely in groups, while being loyal to one another (Baack, 2012). The research showed that workers are motivated not only by money, but also by social interactions, which should be accounted for at the workplace (Baack, 2012).Human Resources department of any organization should be focused on the workers. Its primary duties are to treat employees fairly and make sure that an organization gives back to its own people. Higher level of people’s satisfaction with the job will lead to the company’s success. It is necessary for managers to understand what makes the employees happier to increase the levels of productivity; that is why conducting the Haw thorne studies is important.For example, people in my department are not fond of each other; they do not like to work in teams and usually keep blaming each other for different mistakes. If our management arranged different experiments to understand the employees a little better and to find the root of the problem, the workers would eventually change their ways and views, which would lead to creating a better work environment.

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The Importance Of The Arts At School - 1497 Words

Importance of the Arts in School People often view artistic activities as a leisure activity, so though they may agree it is a nice thing to have, they may not think it is essential to a person’s life. It is the same for schools, with tight budgets, art is usually the first subject cut from a student’s learning experience because it is not viewed as a priority. However, with all of the academic benefits students can gain from being involved in any type of art subject, it is important that schools allow students an easy access to art. By making art programs more prominent, schools would be offering students a chance to improve academic performance, increase happiness, and open up minds. Though art is mostly viewed as a hobby, it benefits children academically. One way art helps academic performance is by strengthening students’ brains. The principal of Lyons Elementary School explained the Opening Minds through Art program (OMA) helped teach children concepts through art that would later help them learn more in different subjects (Smith). Art can improve students’ understanding of learning concepts, which will help them in different subjects in the future. artistic activities engage senses and make neural connections in the brain. The more neural pathways created and the stronger the become, the easier it becomes for the brain to take in new information. With a stronger brain and mental capacity, students’ performance in school with improve. Academically, art is beneficialShow MoreRelatedThe Importance of Arts in School Essay1022 Words   |  5 PagesSchool is about getting an education and preparing students for the future. From the very begi nning, it molds students into who they will grow up to be and what they will do. Children need to learn a little of everything in order to spark their interest. Not only should school make people well rounded in many topics but also helps them seek further knowledge in a subject whether that is in a core subject or the arts. It gets them ready for life after school when they will be out in the real worldRead MoreImportance of Art Education in High School1515 Words   |  7 PagesCreative Abilities: Why is Education of the Arts so Important in High School? Art is very important in all of our lives because it enhances our understanding to problem solve, boosts our creative thinking and heightens self-expression. It is also considered a form of entertainment, not only for ourselves but for the entertainment of others as well. â€Å"Art in a nation’s most precious heritage, for it is in our works of art that we reveal to ourselves and to others the inner vision which guides usRead MoreThe Importance Of Arts And Funding Public School System Essay713 Words   |  3 PagesThe importance of arts and funding in the public school system. â€Å"I believe arts education in music, theater, dance, and the visual arts is one of the most creative ways we have to find the gold that is buried just beneath the surface. They (children) have an enthusiasm for life a spark of creativity, and vivid imaginations that need training – training that prepares them to become confident young men and women.†Ã¢â‚¬â€œ Richard W. Riley, Former US Secretary of Education. (Rice) The importance of Art EducationRead MoreThe Importance Of Theatre Arts For All High School Students1100 Words   |  5 Pageshighs and lows of having the lack of funding for theatre programs in school. The goal of this paper is to explain the importance of theatre arts in public schools across the United States. The Theatre Arts Department provides performing and creative experiences in Theatre for all High School students. Theatre Arts programs offer a wide range of curricular courses and extra-curricular activities. Learning and experiencing theatre arts correlate intensely with higher accomplishments in both reading, mathRead MoreThe Importance Of Distributing Desert Based Aid At A Small Liberal Arts School1441 Words   |  6 PagesQuestion Three: In arguing in favor of the importance of distributing desert (merit) based financial aid at a small liberal arts school such as Green Mountain College, several arguments present themselves: one, desert based aid insures that incoming students meet a standard that facilitates strong academics, which in turn improves the school s reputation and contributes to its long term viability; two, it incentivises students to work hard academically, benefiting fellow students and faculty whoRead MoreThe Importance Of Art Education1561 Words   |  7 Pagesto art professor Karin Evans, â€Å"Art is an irreplaceable way of understanding and expressing the world.† Many people agree that art brings joy and cools students down after all the other hard work they have to think about during the school day. Art education can do much more than taking the stress away from the students. It can help students who have difficulty in core classes and help decrease the chances of dropouts. Art advocat es have been stressing the benefits of art education to schools. WhenRead MoreHigh School And The Neural And Scholastic Benefits Essay1626 Words   |  7 Pageseducation opens doors that help children pass from school into the world around them a world of work, culture, intellectual activity, and human involvement. The future of our nation depends on providing our children with a complete education that includes music.† Music can do so much for the youth of the nation because it encourages group cooperation, independent study, and a way to relax. It has often been debated whether the benefits of music in school are significant enough to encourage continuedRead MoreAesthetics, The And Beauty Of Aesthetics1461 Words   |  6 PagesAesthetics, a dying subject within our society of which its importance needs to be expressed. Educating today’s youth on the values and beauty of aesthetics, in my opinion will improve the intellectualities of tomorrow’s society. By st udying aesthetics, one can learn to appreciate the world around them and to improve the inner self to find beauty and appreciate the simple things in life to counter balance the rationalized world around them. Aesthetics is the gateway for you to explore and use self-imaginationRead MoreEducation Is The Act Of Creativity Through Performing Arts Programs1627 Words   |  7 Pageslearning in elementary schools is through performing arts programs. However, over the years, a change in the education system’s views on the importance of art in education has begun to decline. Priorities have shifted and art in education has unfortunately been set the least bit of concerns of the school system. With this major change in school system’s academic curriculum, students are missing out on the benefits that a performing arts program can offer. Performing arts is the act of creativityRead MoreSchools Should Provide Better Funding For Such Programs1734 Words   |  7 PagesThink back to your primary and secondary school years. Do you remember going to music classes? Learning how to pluck out simple songs on the piano, a xylophone, or a recorder; or learning how to sing out a catchy tune? Did you have as much fun as I remember having? This fun is about to come to an end for the coming generations. Public schools are beginning to cut music programs from their budgets altogether, so our children may never know the sweet solace of scratching out a simple song. Generally